Posted by: vwbusguy | November 27, 2008

How to get Crossover Games to work in Fedora 10 x86_64

I was one of several people that downloaded the crossover office and crossover games installers when they had their free download day. They installed very easily on my Fedora 9 laptop and worked pretty well. Today however, I attempted the same installers on my x86_64 Fedora 10 machine and it took some research and work to get it going.

If you try to run the installer, it will say that you do not have an x86 compatible machine and it cannot continue. However, what you can do is install enough i386 libraries to trick the installer into thinking it’s in an x86 environment. After googling through a lot of forums I found some X libraries, and then basically compensated for each error message thereafter.

Here is my (so far) comprehensive list of i386 libraries you need:


Also note that glibc will bark out a lot of errors that i386 conflicts with i686, but it seems to work. A lot of these were pulled as dependencies on others. You can install crossover office with out mesa/glitz libraries but it will complain that you have no OpenGL, so then most games probably won’t work, if not all until you install mesa and glitz for i386.




I got sound to work by installing the i386 package for alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.  I also installed the nvidia lib for i386 so my nvidia card would get recognized.  Everything is working now.


  1. We’re aware of these issues, by the way. Fedora 10, not to be mean, has a *lot* of issues. We’re working to resolve them, and will undoubtedly release a fix at some point. Sorry for your difficulties.


    -jon parshall-

  2. Jon,

    I appreciate your response, and Fedora 10 does have some things to get worked out yet. If it helps I found that installing wine first pulled a lot of these dependencies and a few more, and since Fedora 10 ships with RPM 4.6, it can now pull arch-dependent dependencies.

    I also needed nvidia’s i386 driver-lib for WoW to run.

    So far the only thing I’ve haven’t gotten to work yet is the sound.

    It was just my intention to offer a work around so current Fedora users can use your product. I appreciate your contributions to the open source community and especially so as someone who wants his Windows-only games to work well without needing Windows.

    On that note, I would be glad to help you test Fedora 10 on i386 and x86_64 if you’d like.


  3. […] World of Warcraft on Fedora 10 with Crossover Games After getting everything setup for Crossover Games in Fedora 10 x86_64, the World of Warcraft installer from blizzard’s download site worked and worked well.  Much […]

  4. I was hoping to install Cal of duty 4 and Call of duty world at war on my Fedora10 pc is it possible to install them if so how because I have yet to get anything to work with Fedora10. Cant get anything that I own to work with it not even my invidia drivers for my video card

  5. Agreed that Fedora 10 *had* a lot of issues, but I see forum posts from late December ’08 promising a fix in the ‘near future’. I paid for the product a while back, and jumped in on the free add-on to support during the Lame Duck challenge, but now that it’s basically unusable for me on a stable Fedora 10, I’m having concerns about renewing.

    FWIW, it’s a little disappointing to have to install 32bit software onto a 64bit box. 😦

    Such is life, I guess.

  6. Matt,

    I agree with you that Fedora 10 has become greatly stable since release. I’m running WoW with Crossover Games in Fedora 10. If you need help getting setup, ping me in #Fedora on freenode and I’d be glad to help you.


  7. Thanks for your comments here and on my site, Scott. I might take you up on the offer for help; been trying to clear my head by ignoring my home systems for a bit. 🙂

  8. @vwbusguy,

    hi i need to run wine or crossover on my fedora 10 64bit. any guide would be a great help.

    • Since Fedora 10 ships with RPM 4.6, it will pull all the 32-bit libraries you need for wine. To install wine in Fedora 10 (the user friendly GUI way):

      Go to System > Administration > Add/Remove Software.
      Search for wine (Or browse for it under Admin Tools).
      Install wine. All other deps will be installed with it.

      It will take less time than it takes to comment on a blog post :-).

  9. I managed to get it all working and am pretty happy with it now. The only problem I really have now is with Civ4 when using PulseAudio. I can do concurrent sound with Firefox->Pandora in the background, but it’s buggy and Civ4 crashes a lot.

    WoW seems to work fine, but I’ve just gotten a little bored with that game. 😛

  10. Forgot to mention, using OSS first in the driver load field works fine and Civ4 doesn’t crash at all, but I get no sound if any other process is using the sound device. :/ I have Bose USB speakers, maybe if I used the onboard card I’d be okay …

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