Posted by: vwbusguy | September 2, 2012

cputemp 1.0 is finally here

cputemp screenshot

After a complete rewrite, cputemp is ready to graduate to 1.0!  In this version, the code has been entirely rewritten to be object oriented to accommodate future projects and to allow for easier maintenance.  The core functionality and UI hasn’t changed, but there are some more installation options and newer kernels and hardware are supported.  Additionally, now degree measurements are available in Kelvin.


  1. I have a small pach for better handling temperature on my hardware, (it was reported as 278 °C…

    > temp = str(float(temp)/10.0)
    temp = float(temp)

    Thank You 🙂

    • Awesome, thanks!

      • I added your changes and uploaded 1.0.1 to sourceforge and gave you a shout out in the changelog. Many thanks, markino.

  2. yum install cputemp or yum search cputemp on fedora 17 gives me nothing. Is this in the fedora repo if yes, what is the package name?

    • It’s not in fedora’s repo, though I built it on fedora and tested it in fedora 17. Grab the package from sourceforge and run the installer script. I do plan on releasing an RPM soon.


  3. […] the recent release of cputemp 1.0 (and subsequent minor release), there’s been an influx of downloads and comments on it, […]

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