Posted by: vwbusguy | October 22, 2008

Open Source: It’s about choice and freedom

I just read a great article on on

It really does a good job summing up a lot of things that has attracted me to the linux community.

I love that end users are given choices.  Not just a few, lots.  A lot of them may seem redundant, but the point is you’re not stuck with Explorer to navigate your filesystem.  You aren’t forced to pay for a .x version update on your OS either.

If you want all the latest apps with the new bells and whistles, it’s all there and available.  If you are a total minimalist and all you want your system to do is operate a toaster, the open source community exists for you, and by you.

The organic nature of the community is why it is successful.  It is not dependent upon corporate mission statements, profit margins, or market share, but at it’s base is, “I, as a user wanted this feature, so I made it, and if you want would like the same, feel free.”  It’s as simple as giving your neighbor your recipe for the pumpkin pie you made at Thanksgiving, but with so many people involved, what it really means is you have a system complex enough to handle the world’s most powerful supercomputer or simple enough to give to a very basic user to do web browsing and word processing with.

It’s good to take a step back from the bickering over which distro, browser, desktop environment, or text editor is better and just to appreciate, for the moment, that we have a choice.

(And Fedora is the best distro :- ) )



  1. Link to original article fixed.

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