Posted by: vwbusguy | November 3, 2008

Microsoft’s Malware Threats up 43%

The new numbers suggest malware threats on Microsoft are up 43% this year.  If this trend continues, maybe people will pay more attention to this.  It should already be cumbersome that Windows machines already have a need to keep anti-virus software running, which is a major drag on performance.

While this finding suggests that 90% of the malware was application targeted vs operating system targeted, you can easily bet that the operating system security has much to do with the effectiveness of these attacks.  Let’s face it, you don’t fully integrate the web browser in your operating system, leave that browser with all sorts of vulnerabilities by way of ActiveX and buffer overruns, and not expect trouble.

Even if you say linux is secure by obscurity (which is a stupid argument), it is very obscure.  Because of the range of choices for basic apps, and each distribution and their users use different sets for the same thing (Firefox vs Konqueror, OpenOffice vs KOffice vs AbiWord), it makes Linux users even far less likely targets, while they all still manage to play well with each other.

In finishing, I leave you with this.



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