Posted by: vwbusguy | October 21, 2008

Flash 10 on Fedora 9

I upgraded my home machines and my work machine (CentOS 5.2) to Flash 10 recently through adobe’s repo.  The upgrade process itself went smoothly – even on my x86_64 machine, no extra steps.  Just came in as a PackageKit update, restarted firefox and there it was.

It went steadily down hill from there.  From all appearances at first it seemed to act like flash 9 on sites like,, and, but it seems to want to crack under use.  It would break in the middle of videos.  Charts that were based on flash would end up somehow randomly off-center and only the left edge of it would be shown.

If you were thinking about upgrading from flash 9, I would say, don’t.  Wait for the next patch release and hope that one is more stable.

To read another opinion about it, check out this article on



  1. […] To Get Flash 9 Back in an RPM-based Distro I posted a few days ago about my disappointments with flash 10, and I was hoping that it would just be a slight nuisance, but in fact it has been a common […]

  2. I have Flash 10 on my Fedora 8, 9 and 10 (rawhide) boxes and it works for me much better than Flash 9.

    I installed Flash 10 manually, maybe the installer you used messed things up?

    For me Flash 9 chashes Firefox sometimes and is slower than Flash 10.

    Just my 2c.

    Cheers from Croatia,

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