Posted by: vwbusguy | October 25, 2008

How To Get Flash 9 Back in an RPM-based Distro

I posted a few days ago about my disappointments with flash 10, and I was hoping that it would just be a slight nuisance, but in fact it has been a common nuisance for me.  I decided to regress back to flash 9, but to my dismay adobe has no links to it and it’s apparently no longer in the repo.

But it is still physically available.

To get flash 9 back:

1.  Login as root in a terminal: ‘su -‘
2.  As root: ‘yum remove flash-plugin’
3.  As root: ‘rpm -ivh’
4.  Then restart firefox and enjoy!

NOTE:  If you installed flash via the adobe repo you might want to temporarily disable it until you are ready to upgrade again to flash 10, assuming the next flash 10 release will be more stable.



  1. After installing Flash Player 10, did you remove libflashsupport? Version 10 no longer needs it, and I’ve heard some people say it causes a lot of problems to leave it installed. You might want to give version 10 another go if you hadn’t removed libflashsupport the first time. I’ve been running version 10 without problems, and I dare say it’s working better than 9 (aside from some odd fullscreen behavior).

  2. Yeah, check these instructions:

    Flash 10 isn’t completely stable for me, but neither was Flash 9 so I don’t see any reason to downgrade.

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