Posted by: vwbusguy | July 25, 2009

Use your Blackberry for a wireless modem in Fedora

Berry4all running on Fedora 10

Berry4all running on Fedora 10

Over the last year and a half I’ve had my blackberry, I have tried numerous times to get it to tether so I can use it for a network connection when traveling.  Usually I would find a few guides of people who claimed to get it working after doing some severe hacking and the use of several hand compiled applications and the comment threads were full of people who didn’t get the same results.  Usually after putting in a heroic effort, I would give up after a few days and not try again for several months.

I can successfully say I have got my Blackberry Pearl to tether in Fedora with Verizon, using berry4all (formerly bbtether).  I have packaged it and have a link below.  Basically, I plugged in my blackberry, ran bbtether (blackberry4all).  I did a scan the first time and it had me reboot my blackberry (only required once) as it enabled the modem mode on it for me.  Then I did a Modem > Connect, as root, and about 10 seconds later I had an IP.

One annoying thing is that Firefox went into offline mode, but unchecking File > Offline Mode worked.  Since I am on Verizon, it redirected me to their tethering service sign up page, which is a pretty good sign.  Altogether though, not nearly all the strife I went through trying to get this going before, and hopefully it will get even easier with time.

You can get the RPMs for Fedora 10 and Fedora 11 at

This package is currently in review for Fedora.


  1. Did you tether via BlueTooth or via USB?

  2. I’ve tested simply doing this through Barry, and it works fine for me. You should be able to just install the barry package and do ‘ppp call barry-verizon’, that should be about all that’s needed. The Fedora barry package appears to have the necessary stuff in the necessary places.

    • Hmm, I haven’t had luck using Barry in the past with my Pearl. I also didn’t know Barry had a GUI?

  3. Thanks for the Berry4all tip I have downloaded from the site above. Now I need to figure out how to install int in Fedora 11 I am finishing up the software updates on a new installation on my laptop. I use this tethered for trading stocks with Medved Software from Before I was using XP with PDAnet software which gave me tethering to the laptop for no additional charges. Now I have to pay 30.00 dollars more I will use this for awhile till I can find a bluetooth connection that will give me the same effect as the PDAnet Software as I enjoyed haveing not to worry about how much usage and extra charges. Ive tryed Ubuntu Kubuntu Mandriva the level of difficuilty to extream with Ubuntu and the download sites. Mandriva would be my second choice since I have gotten a sprint phone to work on that system. But now I have changed over to Verizon with a Blackberry Storm. Because verizon has better phone service. The internet also is faster than Sprints no matter what they claim. Frank from Newburgh Ny email at

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