Posted by: vwbusguy | June 10, 2009

World of Warcraft in Fedora 11


Fedora 11 was released this Tuesday, and I plan to do a review on that once I’ve spent a little more time on it, but so far I’m impressed with it.  After getting my desktop upgraded, I was eager to see how WoW would do on the new Xorg and new sound fixes.

Unfortunately, not well.  Crossover Games bombed.  While sound is working the best it has on my desktop everywhere else, it is nothing but a terrible fuzz in Crossover Games.  About 75% of the time WoW didn’t fully launch.  Sometimes it would just disappear, other times it would produce a nasty stack trace and then the process would need to be killed.  The few times I did get WoW to load up it was slow and doggy, and the sound was just horrendous.  I tried to WoW repair, but to no avail.

The good news is – wine works great.  I pointed wine to my Crossover Games bottle and launched Wow.exe from there and it fired right up.  Sound works, too.  I haven’t put it through any raids yet to give a full out performance review, but at least it’s playable.

I did try to send my stack trace to Codeweavers, but since I failed to enter my email address on the lame duck challenge, I cannot enter a support ticket and am “out of luck” in terms of support.  I hope Codeweavers can get their fixes in for Fedora 11.  In the meantime, it’s back to wine.



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  3. You might try turning Pulse Audio in Fedora, and just use Alsa–that should fix the problem. There is a tip for this in our compatibility database under WOW as well.

    Sorry about the Lame Duck thing–we gave people more than a month to register their code, and we had to draw the line somewhere, I’m afraid.

    Best Wishes,

    -jon parshall-

    • Jon,

      Thanks for the reply. Turning off PulseAudio did fix the sound problem when running in OpenGL mode in wine. WoW fails to launch in D3D with wine or Crossover Games.

      I have signed up as an advocate at and look forward to helping there.


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