Posted by: vwbusguy | June 4, 2009

Google Wave: This changes everything

If you haven’t seen the demo for Google Wave yet, I highly recommend spending the hour and twenty minutes to watch it. Google has made an open source collaboration tool that will let you do more in a common browser than imaginable. From one webpage you can handle all of your email, collaboratively edit documents at the same time, share media, instantly update your blog, manage your twitter feeds, and handle bug tracking, all with really wild tools.

Because it is all open source, Google showed how communication would work even when communicating with a competitor that is also using this new protocol. It is based on HTML5 and most of the code has been written with Google’s Webtool Kit.

I also enjoyed the pitch to open source at the end, and their rationale for why they aren’t keeping it prioprietary even though they would have some very good reasons to (not to mention they are stepping on the toes of enterprise and collaborative tools vendors).

When this comes out, we can finally mop the floor with Exchange and Sharepoint for good:


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  2. I have to agree that this will change a lot of things. The fact that it seems to be able to be set up locally versus relying on Google makes it a plus. I want the text server they showed at the end :).

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