Posted by: vwbusguy | May 11, 2009

Howto: mp3 downloader for Fedora 10


This does not work for Fedora 11.  For Fedora 11, I have compiled RPMs for clamz.  Get the here.

There are many things to love about amazon’s music store: mainstream and lesser well-known artists.  DRM-free.  Super-common mp3 format.  Some of the cheapest prices on the market.  Hundreds of no-cost songs.

But although supports Linux and has RPMs for Fedora, they don’t actually work on Fedora 9 or 10 .  But they do with a few steps.  Here’s how (for i386 and x86_64):

1. Log in as root: su.
2. yum install boost.i386
3. cd /lib
4. ln -s
5. ln -s
6. Download the rpm from
7. cd <the location of where you just saved that RPM>
8. rpm -ivh –nodeps amazonmp3.rpm

As a note of caution, I would frown on ever using –nodeps in any sort of regular practice, and rpm -qV will show library dep problems (which we actually solved).

Enjoy your new DRM-free tunes!

(Special thanks to FedoraForum.)


  1. You might try the open source clamz which would be *included* in fedora if someone would just approve it.

  2. Great post, it worked perfectly on my Fedora 10 i386. 🙂

    Have you gotten it to work on x86_64?

    • Yeah, I used the same steps to get it to work on my x86_64 machine.

  3. Anyone get this to work with x86_64 Fedora 11?

    • Works fine in f10 x86_64. I can try Fedora 11 tonight.

  4. I’m running into an issue with Fedora 11 too. I had to make some different symlinks:

    /lib -> ->

    /usr/lib -> .so.3 -> .so.3 -> .so.3 -> .so.3

    Now running into:

    # amazonmp3
    amazonmp3: symbol lookup error: amazonmp3: undefined symbol: _ZN5boost5mutexC1Ev

  5. For Fedora 11 x86_64, I have compiled RPMs for clamz:

  6. Any chance at getting a 386 build of this?

    • If I get some time this weekend I’ll compile a 32-bit f11 rpm for clamz.

  7. Ignore my last request, it was dead simple to build and install clamz myself. Here’s a link to their google code site:

  8. I have RPMs for x86_64 and i586, both at

  9. clamz failing on .configure? Std FC11 install
    checking for LIBCURL… configure: error: Package requirements (libcurl) were not met:

    No package ‘libcurl’ found

    yet it is installed?

    $locate libcurl


    How to tell ./configure how to find it please?

    • Compiled fine for me. Make sure you have libcurl-devel installed. You should also make sure you compile and install things on your Fedora system through the RPM packaging system. You can use rpm -q to verify that a package is installed and what version.

      Also, I have working RPMs for f11 in the link in the post. PackageKit will grab all the necessary deps. Shouldn’t need to re-compile. In fact, the way clamz is setup, you should be able to do your hacking post-install if you really _need_ to do any.


  10. I hadn’t libcur-devel installed. Tks.
    Still showing more.
    Now missing
    checking for LIBGCRYPT – version >= 1.2.0… no
    configure: error: libgcrypt not found

    Not heard of PackageKit, I’ll go read!
    I was using yum for the installs.

    which link please? is what I was using. That seems a source build?

  11. Success! I *think* there is something odd about
    the rpm download page or the links thereon?

    I tried n times to download it and it just didn’t appear? Ran it with pkcon and it works.
    I’m now downloading my Amazon purchase!

    Many thanks for the post
    (Even if I didn’t understand it!)


  12. I am installing Amazonmp3 on F11 x64, I would be interested to know it this works for other installs.

    Thanks, Bob

    yum install libcurl.i586 gtkmm24.i586 gtk-nodoka-engine.i586 libcanberra-gtk2.i586 PackageKit-gtk-module.i586 bug-buddy.i586
    mv boost-1.34.1-13.fc9.i386.rpm /
    cd /
    rpm2cpio boost-1.34.1-13.fc9.i386.rpm | cpio -ivd ./usr/lib/ ./usr/lib/ ./usr/lib/ ./usr/lib/
    ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
    ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
    ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
    ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
    (use browser to accept and download to /software)
    rpm -Uvh amazonmp3.rpm –nodeps
    ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
    ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

  13. Good news, the amazonmp3.rpm version 1.0.9 (still labled “fedora9”) now smoothly installs and works at F12!
    If you have a x86_64 base you are still are forced to install several i686.rpms. And thats it!
    The key is that the present rpms from ‘fedora updates’ also install the older links, eg.
    /usr/lib/ ->

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