Posted by: vwbusguy | January 15, 2009

Net Neutrality: Online culture impacting law

There’s a new article out on CNET that congress is now looking at putting the idea of Net Neutrality to ink and in the process, re-vamping copyright law.  This is long overdue as many of our current commercial laws were designed in a pre-internet era.  Things like the First Sale Doctrine have fallen under mass ambiguity.

Also bundled in this is the general sharing of data and allowing of individuals to create and share ideas.  This is looking pretty great, I just hope Congress doesn’t pull a Congress and screw it up.  This could be the sign that the new Congress plans on getting things done that are relevant to our culture.  Hopefully it will be in a fostering way and not an imposing way.

Aaron Copper, who works as a legal counselor for Patrick Leahy, had this to say:

Net neutrality legislation, which is “completely a judiciary issue,” Cooper said, could also impact copyright holders depending on how Internet service providers are allowed to manage their networks.

Cooper said the goal would be to “limit the amount of privacy (without) stepping over the line in having ISPs deciding what is lawful and what is not lawful.”

(ref. CNET )


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