Posted by: vwbusguy | November 1, 2008

Ironic Browser Competition

Google Chrome Beta 3 is out now, which is now even faster than Beta2.  Meanwhile, Firefox has revamped it’s engine for newer speeds.  This has really been coming fast since Chrome is out.  One thing that has to be given attention – how quickly Google has made a name for it’s browser.

Why this competition is so ironic is that Google’ Chrome is in part based on the Mozilla engine (as well as webkit), which means that each is benefiting the other while competing.

The real loser in the competition are those who are proprietary.  Apple sort of wins with what Google tweaks for webkit, but the real losers are browsers like Opera and Internet Explorer who have to come up with all their developments in-house.

My guess is the real impact on the market share will be seen when the changes in Minefield and Chrome’s betas come out in final release.  Judging by the current stability in minefield and Chrome, I’m guessing it won’t take long.


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