Posted by: vwbusguy | October 24, 2008

Windows XP on an OLPC XO

To those who’ve read the news, and knew this day was coming – Microsoft Windows XP is now available on OLPC XO.

The reviews have so far said, it is actually Windows XP that has been crammed to fit on a 2GB flash drive.  They apparently have working drivers and can pretty much run anything that runs on XP, provided it fits the screen.

But so far the reviews say, Linux has personality and creativity.  It’s nice that there’s options for the XO, but I’m obviously biased here.

I’ve found the Fedora-based version to be immense amounts of fun, but for a Windows machine that’s basically an EeePC with cool looking hardware, I think I’ll pass.  Part of the reason the Fedora-version is so appealing is how unique it is, and it it fits the hardware itself so well.

It’s clear there’s a different strategy – the Fedora version was made explicitly with the XO in mind.  The Windows version is the same XP smushed and crammed with no added bells or whistles.

Last question – Why didn’t they use Vista.  That would have been far better for Microsoft from a marketing standpoint.  I guess the scalability factor hurts.



  1. Lenovo just announced their first netbook with, guess what, XP. I’d probably run out and buy one if I could get it with Fedora, but I don’t want to pay another Windoze tax.

  2. correction: “that’s basically an underpowered EeePC”

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