Posted by: vwbusguy | October 24, 2008

OLPC XO : Version 2

OLPC has released information and a sneak peak about it’s second version of the XO.  One of the comments I get most often from people about the first XO is that it would be really cool if it had a touch screen, especially since the screen can rotate 180 degrees and lay down on the keyboard.

Well, the second version of XO will give you this twice!  It will have two touch screens, allowing one side to be used as both a virtual touch keyboard (like the iPhone) or you could flip it vertically and read it like a book.  There will also be a few different keyboard types (could this mean a larger one for those with bigger fingers?)

There will be some other cool features too, such as automatic light sensing and adjusting to save battery time – that can reduce the power consumption to 1-watt!

Don’t get too excited though.  It will likely be 2010 before this becomes available.



  1. And I heard it may run Windows by default… so no, I am not that excited.

  2. No, so far all of the preliminary development work is planned for linux. The project is being moved forward by Jim Getty’s and a few others at OLPC.

    The XO-1 may /run/ windows. But we don’t. I’ve been at OLPC for 6 months. I’ve seen one XO that runs windows.

  3. This concept is pretty awesome. I bet this gonna wind up the netbook market – again.

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