Posted by: vwbusguy | October 24, 2008

Firefox Minefield in Fedora 9 : Howto and Review

I am writing this post with Mozilla Firefox Minefield.  Minefield is like Firefox’s snapshot window to the future, and from all I can tell, it’s simply awesome.  I’m playing with 3.1b2pre at the moment.  All the rumors about it being faster… are generally true.

It shaved about 3 seconds off of loading and compared to 3.0.2 on my home broadband connection.  All of my add-ons and plugins (like AdBlock-Plus and adobe flash) carried over from 3.0.2 and work.  Best of all, for being an ‘alpha’, it is already pretty stable.  But because it’s based on a nightly compile, I can’t promise you the same.


How To Install it on Fedora 9 to play with:

1.  Download that tar.bz2 from the nightly compile site.
2.  Extract it to tmp.
3.  Sign in as root (‘su -‘) in a terminal.
4.  As root in terminal: ‘mv /tmp/firefox /usr/lib/firefox-minefield’
5.  In terminal: ‘exit’ – back to regular user
6.  Close all instances of firefox.
7.  As user in terminal: ‘/usr/lib/firefox-minefield/firefox-bin &’
8.  Enjoy!


  1. It’s much easier:
    cd ~
    tar xvfz /home/user/downloads/firefox…tar.gz

    No root needed. Only backup ~/firefox ~/.mozilla as user

  2. That would work for a one-user system. If you have multiple users, then it should go somewhere under /usr.

    If you do not move your .mozilla it will use all the settings and cache from the regular firefox.

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