Posted by: vwbusguy | October 23, 2008

JBoss on Fedora and CentOS

I’ve been looking at for a while and really would like to play with it, but there really doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get it all set up and going.  I have some Fedora machines and a CentOS 5 machine I would like to use it on, but would also like to make a way for these distros to have an easier time getting started.

I have two options.  I can get the source from and work from that.  Or, I can grab the src.rpm’s from Red Hat’s ftp site and recompile them for Fedora and CentOS.  I don’t have the resources to fully test it or to host my own repo.

So my other difficulty would be in the best way to share the RPMs with the rest of the world.  EPEL seems out of the question since JBoss is a layered application.  I’m thinking there should be a way to get people from Fedora and CentOS that would have an interest in JBoss together to work on this.

Any ideas?


Update:  Bug has been filed with EPEL to add JBoss.


  1. Some students of the Seneca College are working on packaging JBoss for Fedora as part of their Open Source cursus.

    So it’s on its way. 😉

  2. Nice. Now to find a way to get it in CentOS. I might go ahead and just try recompiling the src.rpm’s just to see how far that gets me with Fedora 9.

    I worry that things could get messy with dependencies and the layering.

    Maybe this one would be a good one to try in a VM first :-).

  3. I am not sure it would not fit into EPEL. Its not in the core OS which is the main sticking point for a package. It may be a layered product but a LOT of stuff relies on it these days.. so I would say ‘go for it.’.

  4. Personally, i think EPEL would be the ideal place for it, but cites:

    “Thus packages from EPEL should never replace packages from the target base distribution – including those on the base distribution as well as layered products”

    JBoss would fall under the layered products category.

  5. Everyone: please be aware that JBoss packaging has already been done JPackage side by RH employees, and that there are people paid by RedHat to get it merged Fedora-side, with RHEL inclusion as eventual aim.

    I know it’s all too slowly for everyone’s taste but accelerating it would be better done by helping the current effort not by duplicating it many times over.

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