Posted by: vwbusguy | October 22, 2008

Response to Palin Spending in Alaska

The AP just released a story last night that Sarah Palin was charging the State of Alaska for trips where she took her kids, even on events where her kids were not invited.  One example is a trip to New York where she was at a conference for about two hours and her daughter stayed in a high end hotel for five days.  She also apparently billed the State to fly her kids out to see a snowmobile competition that Tod was in.  She also charged ‘per diem’ expenses to the State while she was at home in Wasilla.

And additionally we’ve just got reports that RNC has spent close to $125,000 in clothes for her and her kids in campaign funds.

Now, in fairness, the law in these expenditures is vague and it is probably not the case she was in violation.  She did not charge a per diem for her kids while they were traveling which the State law might have allowed, and in comparison, she did charge less expenses than the previous governor.  We aren’t talking about “corruption” or anything criminal here.

The place where this hurts her is that she is running under the banner of fiscal conservativism and reform, and these things are examples of her executive judgement.  More and more details are slowly coming out as RNC begins to respond to these new charges, so we’ll hopefully get some clarification on these things.

Read more about it from CNN.


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