Posted by: vwbusguy | October 19, 2008

Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama

Colin Powell endorses Obama

Colin Powell endorses Obama

Today Colin Powell, former Secretary of State for George W. Bush, endorsed Barack Obama on Meet the Press.  This is significant because, although being a strong Republican, still garners huge respect across the board.

During his interview on Meet The Press, he also downplayed the Bradley Effect – the notion that people will publicly say they’ll vote for a black person, but won’t in private at the polls.  He said that people in that group already have a number of other reasons to give for not voting for Obama and that would already be factored into the current spread.

Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama will probably come as a surprise to a lot of conservatives, but it also shows that Obama is pulling people from the left and right now, also as evidenced by the states he is campaigning in that have primarily voted Republican in the past.

Colin also praised McCain saying he still has a huge respect for him, but was very critical of the way he was running his campaign, by focusing on William Ayers rather than the issues that are important.



  1. I at one time was a staunch Republican for 30 years. Colin Powell’s career was one I watched closely as I’ve always seen him as a man of great character. His endorsement of Senator Obama came as no surprise given the path the RNC now find themselves.


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