Posted by: vwbusguy | October 16, 2008

What we need

Someone comes into #Fedora and asks how to get their wireless card working and don’t know their chipset.  You need to see the output of lspci.  Someone else comes into Fedora and can’t find out why their second hard drive isn’t showing up.  You need to see the output of dmesg.  The problem is, pasting these things into a high-volume IRC channel is not ideal.

Fedora Unity hosts FPaste, which is an easy to use pastebin.

The user must find a way to copy the output from the console to this website and paste the URL back into the channel.   But for many users this is not ideal – especially for those running without X.

What we need is a simple utility than could do something like:

lspci | fpaste

Where the output could get piped into a script to submit to and output the URL back to console.  This would save a lot of time and hassle for end-users in #fedora.

Any takers?



Possible solution in Comments.  Patch-work done by daMaestro.  Big thanks!



  1. There is already a tool called xclip that will let the user pipe text into their X11 clipboard

  2. Hi,

    I suggest you just add support for fpaste to



  3. James,

    Thanks for the advice! Here’s the patch/bug we submitted to the pastebinit group:

  4. “What we need”?

    I don’t understand why we are pushing IRC as the preferred source of help. IRC is not archived, nor searchable.

    Reliance on #fedora will help improve our search engine results, exemplified by this google trend:

    Each time a user comes to IRC to ask a question, we need to ask: “What is lacking in the usability of our websites that this user needed to resort to IRC?”

    No search box on the fedora project home page?

    No search box for searching fedora-list?

    Why is IRC listed as the first option for getting help at ?

    Increasingly, when I Google fedora problems, I am finding answers at and Lots of users are getting introduced to the Ubuntu community that way.

  5. #Fedora is one of several support mediums for Fedora. We tend to have between 400-600 users in #Fedora, generally.

    But I do understand your concern, which is why Fedora Unity hosts Common questions that are asked in #Fedora (how to get mp3 support, how to set up vmware) are answered from guides on FedoraSolved.

    IRC support will likely not go away soon, because being able to discuss with other end users real-time is a major benefit to someone new to Fedora.

    But I agree that we need more developed guides. There is also an active community of fedora users at

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