Posted by: vwbusguy | October 16, 2008

Response to Last Presidential Debate

Last Presidential Debate 2008

Last Presidential Debate 2008

There were many great things about this debate.  For the first time, they were really able (willing?) to go through a lot more specifics on each of the key issues.  I think both did very well, generally.

McCain was stronger at the beginning of the debate in presenting himself, and was clear about his plan for the ecnomy, which is something he really needed to do.  Obama answered well, but was frankly boring.  He didn’t seem very passionate about this issue thismorning, which is unfortunate since it’s such a big part of his campaign right now.

The negative advertising discussion didn’t really help either candidate.  I feel that McCain started losing his momentum in the debate here and kept dragging this stuff on.

On healthcare, I feel like Obama was more clear about getting his strategy across, while McCain failed to show how his plan would actually work.  I’ve read about more specifics and it would have been better for him to have spent less time attacking Obama’s plan and more time promoting his own and he would have done better here.

On abortion, I am happy that Obama explained some very tough things on this issue.  I can safely say I understand Obama’s stance, and I feel that he is sensitive to the arguments of Pro-Life, which is something that was valuable get across for Independents.  McCain wanted to make abortion a state’s rights issue, which didn’t bode well with me.  I disagreed with Obama nixxing the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, which passed without his help, but I’m glad he explained his position.

When it came to education, both had valuable things to offer.  I was very impressed with Obama pushing private schools as well as public – something that they both agreed with.  McCain should have explained why vouchers would work and how it will make a nation-wide impact.  Again, he should have spent more time promoting himself and less time criticizing Obama here.

All in all, it was a good debate.  Unlike the last three that seemed to clearly have a winner for me, I think both performed well for themselves.  McCain beat my expectations, and Obama was weaker tonight than I thought he would be.  I doubt this will change the outcome of the election.

The last thing I want to say – Joe the Plumber.  What Plumber makes over $250,000/year?  I need to switch jobs.


  1. Written like a true journalist. This was very objective. I can’t tell who you will vote for. It doesn’t matter. I forgot to watch the debate, but thanks to you I know what happen.

  2. Haha, thanks. I do have an opinion in the election, but I respect both candidates, and tonight I thought both generally did very well.

  3. I agree with your assesment overall. McCain tried hard to get Obama to bite hard and to show his emotional side without much success.

    I was also happy with the way both candidates explained thier views on Roe v. Wade, although I disagree in part with both opinions. Quite frankly, the arguements about privacy and state’s rights are all a bunch of crap.

    Really either of the candidates could influence the culture towards honoring God and creating a better society, but I don’t either will. Thats the unfortunate reality that I hope will change.

  4. I believe anyone who thinks Republican is not going to raise tax are out of their mind. Sen. McCain have yet to show me what he’s all about, in all three debates I’ve only noticed Sen. McCain pointing fingers rather than talk about the issue at hand.
    The Economy, Education, Energy, War, Health Ins., Etc. Sen. McCain has been, rather his body language have been very negative, he needs anger management.
    whereas, Sen. Barack remained positive and answer all question necessary, I do not believe in voting for someone because he is black or african American. The issue of the matter is what is it you have plan for me and my family. How can you get us American out of this economy issue.

    Sen. McCain talks alot about experience, neither one of them have experience, President Clinton did not have any experience when he got in office and he did a great job leading, though he had some flaws on his part.

    my point here is, let’s be real and be careful on what we making our decision on. I am a middle class man who is still having issues on economy. I was an undecided voter, but after the last debate, it seems like McCain still having issues on satisfying my needs.

    lower tax will be impossible, like I said before this is politic, any president that get in office will raise tax, unfortunately the Republicans are mostlikely looking at their pocket.

    Right now, I am leaning towards Obama only because he has a plan that I think may help us not only middle class but also Lower class. McCain needs to get it together, stop focusing on attacking Obama and remain on the issues that’s affecting America.

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